The Clay Center Medical Society provides an opportunity for like-minded medical professionals to come together in support of the Center’s mission of bringing educational and enriching experiences in the sciences and art to people all across West Virginia. Plus, members of the Medical Society receive exclusive membership benefits for a year.

Medical Society Members
Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Fidler, Chair
Drs. Gina Busch and Edward H. Tiley
Dr. and Mrs. James Caudill
Mrs. Rebecca F. Cochran
Dr. and Mrs.  Glenn Crotty
Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Cumberledge
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Dundervill
Dr. Kris Eads
Dr. and Mrs. Dan Foster
Dr. Amanda Boustany & Dr. Stephen Fragale
Dr. Stephen L. Gaal
Dr. and Mrs.  Sami Ghareeb
Dr. and Mrs. R. Mark Hatfield
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Henderson
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Jubelirer
Dr. and Mrs. John Kuyk
Dr. and Mrs. Brittain McJunkin
Drs. James E. and Mary McJunkin
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Rubin
Dr. Francis M. Saldanha
Dr. and Mrs. Matt Stover
Dr. and Mrs. L. Blair Thrush
Dr. and Mrs. George Zaldivar

For more information, please contact:
Amanda Pollard, Development Manager
304-561-3566 |