Workshops and Classes

Modern Watercolor for Beginners with Melissa Doty
Oct. 5th
12:00 – 3:00pm
Join artist Melissa Doty for an introduction to watercolor workshop that focuses on contemporary compositions and vibrant colors! We will start this class with a few drawing exercises to loosen up, followed by an introduction to the materials. Melissa will demonstrate the magical qualities of watercolors while the class follows along. We will review the colors in our palette and paint swatches and geometric shapes using techniques suitable for all skill levels. Participants will play and experiment while Melissa demonstrates and answers questions. This first segment will run about 2 hours, and may be followed by a break for lunch or snacks.

After the break, we will work on a take-home project: A patterned watercolor silhouette of West Virginia on an 8×8 piece of watercolor paper! Folks can choose how to fill in the state outline: Triangles, stripes, circles, simple washes of color, or maybe something of their own design! If time permits, we may work on a watercolor galaxy piece as well.

All materials for this class are provided and will be given to the students following the workshop to allow them to continuing creating designs at home! $45 per person, limited space is available.

Introduction to Acrylic Painting with Kevin Cunningham
Tuesdays, November 12th – December 17th, except November 26 (Thanksgiving Week)
Time: 5:30 – 7:30
In this 5 week introductory painting course, students will learn the skills needed to create a painting from start to finish! The instructor will lead the class through proper composition, beginner color theory and mixing, how to paint from life or a photograph, tips for sketching, and more!

Demystifying Watercolor with Rosalie Haizlett
Saturday, December 21st
12:00 – 3:00
In this exciting three hour workshop, students will work to demystify the often troubling techniques of watercolor painting. Students will be introduced to various paper types and brush types, then with the help of the instructor they will explore a variety of watercolor techniques. In addition this course will cover topics including color mixing, working with a limited palette, wet-on-wet vs. dry-on-dry techniques, and more!

Beginner to Intermediate Watercolor with Ellie Schaul
4 week class
March 17 – April 9, 2020
Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, 5:30-7:30pm
Whether you are experienced in watercolor techniques or a complete novice, this series of eight courses will give you the confidence to master this beautiful medium. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to develop a color wheel, mix color, explore brush techniques and more, all under the skillful instruction of Charleston artist Ellie Schaul.