Charles Jupiter Hamilton

Opening September 2 – Limited Exhibition!  
Closing October 2

The lively, provocative work of beloved Charleston artist Charles Jupiter Hamilton can be seen throughout our city, in homes, restaurants, businesses, and the vibrant West Side Wonder Mural. Hamilton passed away last year. To honor him, the Juliet Art Museum will display a selection of paintings, sculptures, and prints demonstrating his varied techniques. Hamilton said:

“At first glance my work seems to be colorful, beautiful objects d’art. A second look reveals a humorous/serious statement of the piece. A closer study challenges what beauty really is. As you continue to focus on my work, my colorfield theory is attacking your nervous system and making your eyes jump and jiggle around. By that time it’s too late to do anything about it—you’ve invited the Trojan horse in—a Charles Jupiter Hamilton.”

Above all else, Hamilton was a storyteller, depicting the ups and downs of life with specific figures and unique creatures, all in his signature style. To further explore what drove him, join us for a mask-making workshop inspired by Hamilton’s work, led by his friend Jeff Pierson, the Director of Charleston’s Office of Public Art.

This exhibit is presented with support from Daywood Foundation, Herscher Foundation Inc., Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation, and The Elliot Family Foundation.

Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints & Stitching Our Story

Open Now through October 9

The newest exhibition on display in the Juliet Art Museum is focused on the art of quilt-making presents seventeen works by seven fiber artists representing the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Curated by internationally renowned artist and teacher Nancy Crow, Material Pulses contributes to the dialogue of contemporary textile arts.

Crow has seen trends in the medium follow a track of smaller quilts in more neutral colors and asked, why? The pull of quilting lies in its large, forceful presence and the freedom to use color joyously. Making a quilt is a physical activity, involving piecing parts on working spaces that can span entire walls. Crow says “Material Pulses is the culmination of my mission to bring back the majesty, strength, and energy of textile works, particularly large quilts.”

In tandem with Material Pulses, we will feature a key selection of local quilts by innovative and award-winning quilters. West Virginia has a rich tradition of quilting and an abundance of skilled quilters in our own community. Many of these quilters incorporate their own stories into their work, either through collaboration with family members, creating quilts to commemorate life events, or even commenting on social issues.

This exhibit is presented with support from Herscher Foundation Inc., Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation, and The Elliot Family Foundation.

Past Exhibits — Coming Soon!