Pre-Kindergarten – Kindergarten

Want to add on some hands-on experiences to your field trip? Look no further than our extensive list of STEM Labs, Art Labs, Early Childhood Programs, and Science Demonstrations. 

Early Childhood Program

Animal Homes Storytime

Does every single animal on earth live in the same home? Find out as we read “Where do Animals Live” by Alejandro Algarra. After listening to the story, students will match up animals to their habitats and even have the chance to meet a live creature and learn about it’s habitat!

Red, Yellow, and Blue Storytime

You’ll discover the world of color mixing in this interactive storytime. Listen to the story of “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh and then explore mixing colors just like those sneaky three mice did. Students will use model magic clay to explore primary colors in a fun and tactile way.

Dinosaur Fossil Storytime

What is a fossil and where do they come from? You’ll discover answers to questions like this as we read “Dinosaurs Everywhere” by Carol Harrison. After learning about fossils and paleontologist you’ll get to get our wiggles out with a special Dinosaur Dance and even make an impression fossil to take home.