School Programs

Complete your field trip with an experiential program!

Prepare your students for their visit by joining us on Schoology. Use the Schoology Code listed with each program to access valuable pre-visit materials.


We have Next Generation Science Standards covered! Try out all new STEM Labs to tackle engineering, math and physics standards in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Click a link below for more info.

Tiny Tale Adventures | Pre-K and Kindergarten

City Builders | 1st and 2nd Grade

My Town Career Exploration | 1st -3rd Grade

Rocket Engineering | 3rd – 6th Grade

Chemistry 101 I 2nd- 5th Grade

Science Alive Demonstrations

Groups larger than 80 students
Schoology Code: GZJ8M-QN3WZ

Science in Motion I 1st – 8th Grade – Experience Newton’s three laws of motion in this exciting live science demonstration! Select student volunteers will get the chance to assist with cool science experiments, and everyone gets in on the fun of learning science concepts in an engaging new way.

States of Matter I 3rd – 8th Grade – Let’s talk about the stuff of the universe – MATTER!  Everything is made up of matter, so let’s discover how matter can transform from one state to another.  Are there more than three states of matter?  Find out in this interactive science show. 

Art Labs

Kindergarten – 12th Grade | Included Exhibit Tour and Hands-on Project – Schoology Code: VHC94-8WNV8

Check out the Juliet Art Museum for a brand new interactive experience!

Van Gogh for All – designed and produced by the Delores Kohl Education Foundation
Van Gogh for All
is an immersive exhibit designed to engage curious learners of all ages.  This experientially rich exhibit uses modern technology and participatory learning to immerse new audiences in Van Gogh’s genius, his personal struggles, and his creative process.  The exhibit focuses on the artist’s work from his time in Aries, Saint-Remy, and Auvers sur Oise.

In all new Art Labs, students will practice observation and critical thinking skills to view and discuss works on exhibit and participate in a hands-on project that brings art processes to life! Check out ways to customize your art experience with these engaging topics:

Sunflower Painting I Grades K – 12 
Paint like a master!  Use a simple technique to recreate a sunflower painting inspired by Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

Starry Night Watercolor I Grades 3 – 6
Immerse yourself in the Van Gogh for All exhibit and create a starry nightscape!

Art Exploration I Grades K – 12
What do you see? What do you think about it?  What does it make you wonder?  Look at works of art and ask yourself these questions.  Students will be challenged to think critically about what they see in their favorite, and not so favorite, works of art. 

Chemistry 101 | 2nd-5th Grade

  • Explore lab safety
  • Experiment with a step by step process for creating a chemical reaction
  • Observe what happens during a chemical reaction
  • Create your own experiment

Tiny Tale Adventures | Pre-K and Kindergarten (Listen to a story and try a hands-on activity)

  • STEM Story Time
    • Book: If I Built a House by Chris Vandusen
    • Activity: Planko Structures
  • Animal Homes
    • Book: Where Do Animals Live by Alejandro Algarra
    • Activity: Animal Habitat Game or Live Critter Meet and Greet

City Builders | 1st and 2nd Grade

  • Program a robot to navigate the streets
  • Put measurement, map making and problem solving skills into action

My Town Career Exploration | 1-3rd Grade

  • Explore two different careers in My Town
  • Learn and follow the laws of My Town
  • Earn a paycheck to cash at the My Town Bank
  • Discover what it takes to contribute to a job and a community

Rocket Engineering | 3-6th Grade

  • Consider Newton’s Laws of Motion to construct and launch a rocket
  • Measure flight distance and graph results
  • Analyze design to improve flight distance and accuracy