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From the moment your students set foot inside, we will be stretching their curiosity and challenging their expectations as they explore our exhibits in the Avampato Discovery Museum, enter a portal to the cosmos in the Caperton Planetarium and Theater, and engage in hands-on experiences in the Juliet Art Museum. Click the links below to see more information about the different exhibits that the Clay Center has to offer!  

Avampato Discovery Museum Exhibits

Juliet Art Museum Exhibits

Additional Program Offerings

Want to add on some hands-on experiences to your field trip? Look no further than our extensive list of STEM Labs, Art Labs, Early Childhood Programs, and Science Demonstrations. Sort by grade level using the links below to see programming available for your group!

Caperton Planetarium and Theater


Magic Treehouse

Follow Jack and Annie, stars of the Magic Tree House book series, as they meet a helpful astronomer and then travel into outer space, looking for answers to a mysterious riddle!

    1. Grades: Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
    2. Focus: Learning about Astronomy and the job of an Astronomer
America’s Musical Journey

America’s Musical Journey tells the story of the unique cultures that gathered together to innovate and create new forms of thought and music in America. Unique in its narrative power, this film challenges students to see the intersection between art, history, language, and science.

    1. Grades: 3rd Grade +
    2. Focus: History of Music in America

Live Shows

Planet Hoppers

Join us for a ride through the Milky Way Galaxy! Your students will become honorary astronauts and decide where we fly as we learn about all the planets in our solar system.

    1. Grades: 2nd – 4th
    2. Focus: Planet Overview
Seasonal Skies Shows

Come along with us as we journey through the night sky and learn how to find constellations to observe. Follow us as we fly to distant galaxies and relate them to the current astronomy news of today.

    1. Grades: 5th +
    2. Focus: Constellations and Current Events in Astronomy

1 Chaperone for every 10 Students required for field trip. Any adults outside of this ratio are priced accordingly.

While we love having you as Clay Center Members, memberships cannot be used to cover student’s admission for field trips.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at 304-561-3570 or note them on the Field Trip Interest Form here.

For specific information about curriculum and educational standards, visit our Schoology page.