The legal community has always provided generous support and invaluable guidance to the Clay Center. In an effort to continue that support in a unique way, the Clay Center Legal Society was established. Members of the Legal Society enhance the region’s quality-of-life by helping to create enriching experiences in the arts and sciences and enjoy exclusive membership benefits for a year.

Legal Society Members
Mr. Rob J. Aliff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Berthold
Ms. Ashton Bias and Mr. Raymond Harrell, Jr.
Ms. Ellen Cappellanti and Mr. Mark Carbone
Mr. Michael Cary
The Chafin Law Firm
Mr. Phillip A. Childs
Ms. Pam Deem
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Douglas
Mr. Phillip Estep
Ms. Samme L. Gee
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. George
Mr. Charles W. Loeb, Jr. and Ms. Sandra M. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Love, III
Mr. Roger Nicholson
Mr. Jason Pizatella
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saluja
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Slotnick
Mr. Jeff D. Stewart and Mrs. Susan M. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Victorson
Ms. Taunja Willis-Miller and Mr. Perry Miller

For more information, please contact:
Amanda Pollard, Annual Giving Coordinator
304-561-3500 ext. 3566 |