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Key Staff Contacts

Al Najjar
President & CEO

Rebecca Gillispie
Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Bush
Vice President of Development

Rob Rosano
Vice President of Theater and Sales

Kayte Kincaid
Director of Education

Jessica O’Hearn
Artistic Director, Juliet Art Museum

Morgan Robinson
Director of Communications

Nichole Koenig
Director of Philanthropy

Amanda DeFelice
Annual Giving Coordinator

Maria Belcher
Donor Relations and Events Specialist

Zack Bogan
Guest Services Manager

Philip Neubaum
Building Operations Manager

Tom Pasinetti
Technical Director

Melissa Rhodes
Outreach & Technical Educator

William Rouse
Caperton Planetarium & Theater Manager

Board of Directors:

Chairperson: Michael Graney
First Vice Chairperson: Loren Claypool
Second Vice Chairperson: Missy Ruddle
Secretary: Nathaniel Orders
Treasurer: Horace Emery
President: Al Najjar


Kristin Anderson
Alisa Bailey
Claire Barth
Chris Beam
W. Marston Becker
Bobby G. Blakley, Jr.
Sara Busse
Gaston Caperton
Dr. David Carrington
Fred Clark
Loren Claypool
Andrew B. Cooke
Leah Curry
Stephen P. Dexter
Robert E. Douglas
Michelle Easton, Pharm.D.

Horace Emery
Michael Fidler
J. Scott Freshwater
Georgette George
Timothy J. Gibson
Michael R. Graney
David Haden
Steve Hedrick
Dee Kapourales
Eric Kinder
Virginia King
Thomas Kittredge
Adam Krason

Eric Nelson
Roger L. Nicholson
Nathaniel Orders
NIna Peyton
Steve Robey, CPA
Brad M. Rowe
Sharon Rowe
Missy Ruddle
Douglas J. Skaff, Jr.
Sandra D. Thomas

Ex-Officio Members:

Charles M. Avampato
Ellen Cappellanti
John R. Elliot
Hap Esbenshade
Patrick Graney

The Honorable Danny Jones
Kyle Mork
Al Najjar
Shelby Paxton

Ben Salango
Janet Victorson
The Reverend Matthew J. Watts