3rd Grade – 5th Grade

Want to add on some hands-on experiences to your field trip? Look no further than our extensive list of STEM Labs, Art Labs, Early Childhood Programs, and Science Demonstrations. 


Rocket Engineering

In this high-flying lab students will learn the basics of engineering and rocket science to design and prototype an aircraft that can fly.

Robot Navigator

Utilizing a basic VEX IQ Robot, use mathematical concepts to navigate a maze.

Fossil Exploration

Utilizing a basic VEX IQ Robot, use mathematical concepts to navigate a maze.

Aerospace Engineering

We’re coming in for a safe landing in this fun engineering challenge! Can you find a way to slow your craft’s descent and secure the payload as your vehicle lands on the moon’s surface? We will discuss engineering challenges and gravity in this hands-on lab.

Avian Adaptations

Imagine a design challenge where you are making your own home, now picture that challenge but you can only use your mouth! This is the reality for our feathery friends! In this workshop you’ll discover the adaptations that birds have evolved to help them survive in their environments.

Art Labs

Starry Night Watercolor

Discover the work of Vincent Van Gogh and create your own starry nightscape. You’ll explore with watercolors and crayon resist to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Navajo Pattern Printmaking

Explore photochemical reactions in this engaging workshop. Students will place different elements onto a sheet of cyanotype paper, expose the sheets to Ultraviolet Light, and then fix their sheets to take home.