1st Grade – 2nd Grade 

Want to add on some hands-on experiences to your field trip? Look no further than our extensive list of STEM Labs, Art Labs, Early Childhood Programs, and Science Demonstrations. 


City Builders

Plan out your own city in this fun civil engineering workshop! Learn how to use a map legend, construct a simple building from Legos, and then “lay down” roadways for special Ozobot robots to drive on.

Constellation Connection

Discover the different star types we see in our night sky and how they connect to make notable constellations. In this lab students will create their own night sky with different stars and constellations.   

Camouflage Creatures

We’re putting our observation skills to the test in this wild workshop! Students will observe different environments and the specialized creatures that live there. Finally, we’ll use our survival skills to hide camouflaged creatures around the classroom!

Make Some Noise

Learn about the science of Sound in this interactive lab. Students will explore the difference between Frequency and Amplitude and design their own musical instruments.

Art Labs

Romare Bearden Collage

Romare Bearden was a multimedia artist working during the Harlem Renaissance. He used collage in innovative ways, paying close attention to the specific placement of figures and objects. In this workshop, students will explore Collage by selecting different representational images, planning compositions on their sheet of paper, and then gluing elements down.

Colorful Coil Pottery

Learn how to sculpt a cup using the coil method in this fun hands-on workshop! Mix in primary colors as you build a 3D coil cup to take home.