2023 Summer Camps

We’re excited to announce a full schedule of summer fun at your Clay Center! School may be out, but summer camp is in session and lasts all summer long!  Registration opens soon for a variety of full day camps taking place June 5 – August 11!

Full day camps will take place from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. weekdays, with pre- and post-camp wrap care beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 5:00 p.m. for an additional fee of $10 per child for each morning and afternoon session. 

Camp check-ins commence at 8:30 a.m. and camp check-outs are between 2:30 & 4:00 p.m.  Camps are available for students ages 4 – 14 years.  Students must bring a bagged lunch each day, the Clay Center will provide a light afternoon snack.

Registration for camps will open in mid-April, following the transition to our new ticketing and registration system.  Registration information will be sent via email and can also be found online at theclaycenter.org or by calling the box office at 304-561-3570.

June 5 – 9


Dinosaur Discovery (6-7)

Get ready to roar as you discover the wide array of dinosaurs that ruled the Earth for millions of years! Expect familiar faces and newly discovered dinos as we delve into the mysteries of the Mesozoic!

June 12 – 16


Little Builders (4-5)

Put on your hard hat as you solve some fun engineering challenges, design buildings, and have a ton of fun along the way!  

Art Studio (11-14)

What does art mean to you? In this creative summer camp, we will explore that thought and various mediums, tools, and styles. So put on your messiest t-shirt and join us for a week of awesome artistic exploration!

June 19 – 23


Space Explorers (6-7)

Put on your hard hat as you solve some fun engineering challenges, design buildings, and have a ton of fun along the way!  

Forensic Science (8 – 10)

The game is afoot! Time to brush up on your detective skills in this camp that’s all about learning real world crime-solving science. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and methods needed to solve various mysteries throughout the week!

June 26 – 30


Robot Academy (11 – 14)

Construct and program VEX IQ robots to complete tasks and overcome obstacles.  Put your skills to the test by challenging your robot to a bot battle in the VEX IQ Challenge.

Mini Medical (6 – 7)

Do you want to be a doctor when you grow up? Come learn how medical professionals work with their patients by being a doctor, a veterinarian, a dentist and more.

July 10 – 14


Outdoor Adventure Camp (8 – 10)

Come explore the great outdoors! Meet at the Center and take daily trips to Kanawha State Forest*. Let’s team build, implement survival skills, and learn about the regional ecology of West Virginia.!  *Transportation provided by Kanawha County Schools

Art Around the World (6 – 7)

Pack your art kits, we’re going on a trip! Join us as we go around the world to learn all about different artists and what they do. If you like adventure and aren’t afraid to get your hands a little messy, this is the camp for you.

July 17 – 21


Superhero Science (4 – 5)

Put on your cape and get ready to save the day as we explore flight, strength, speed, and what it means to be a hero!

Spark Lab (8 – 10)

Things are getting charged as we explore the world of electronics. Learn how to construct circuits, harness the power of the sun, and more in this camp centered around rapid prototyping and electrical engineering!

July 24 – 28


Epic Art Camp (8 – 10)

Join us for a week of amazing art exploration; we will be taking notes from amazing artists and using their techniques to make epic pieces of our own!

July 31 – August 4


Planetarium Programmer (11 – 14)

Zoom through the universe and study far-away galaxies or stay close to Earth and learn about the planets in our solar system. Use this research to create your very own planetarium presentation and learn some basics of coding.

Global Safari (4 – 5)

Travel around the world, discover where animals live, and put your animal survival skills to the test.

August 7 – 11

The Science of Music (8 – 10)

Ride along on a soundwave as we explore music and acoustics in this interactive camp. Students will learn how sound works on a scientific scale! What does frequency and amplitude mean and how does relate to the elements of music? Find out in this camp and put together some stupendously scientific songs.

Grossology (6 – 7)

If it’s icky, oozy, sticky, or slimy you’ll get to explore it here in this hands-on camp for curious young scientists. Get ready to make a mess as we learn about basic biology, chemistry, and a whole lot more!