A great adventure awaits you, so just sit back in the comfy seats in the ElectricSky™ Theater and feel like you’re part of the larger-than-life films. Films presented on our giant 61’ domed screen take you on breathtaking journeys to explore the most exciting, majestic and thrilling places on Earth and beyond. Discover the vast galaxy with a planetarium show and star talk.

A giant screen film is unlike any experience you would see at a normal movie theater. The domed screen in the ElectricSky™ Theater wraps around you, offering dynamic panoramic views, and puts you in the center of the action.

The ElectricSky™ transports visitors to distant stars and planets of our solar system. It houses a star-ball with more than 10,000 stars as the theater’s centerpiece, filling the domed screen with the night sky.

Experience the stunning scenery and clear waters of the Canadian Rockies, as you discover the world of the adorable, furry, yet very destructive beaver. Beavers 
plunges the viewer into the rich aquatic habitat of one of nature’s greatest engineers as a beaver family transform the landscape, leveling tree after tree, to create a whopping 300 ft. dam. To quote one of the film’s 4-star reviews, it’s “the biggest dam movie you ever saw!” 

Wed - Sat: noon, 1, 3 & 4 pm
Sun: 1, 3 & 4 pm



Starting May 3

Voyage to the tropical waters of the South Pacific to visit coral reefs and discover their remarkable contribution to life on Earth – and the imminent dangers they currently face.




What’s a light year? How big is the sun? How far away are the stars? These questions and many more will be answered in this all-new Clay Center planetarium production. From planets to stars to galaxies far, far away, travel with us as we explore the amazing size and scale of our universe!   

Wed - Sat: 11 am & 2 pm
Sun: 2 pm



Cosmic Castaways
Starting July 9
There are places where the night sky has no constellations - no Orion, no Big Dipper, nothing but a few far away stars and ghostly patches of light. This new show takes you on a journey to these distant regions of space, exploring gravity, galaxies and the stars trapped between galactic boundaries – the “Cosmic Castaways.”

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