Home Grown

Home is a word that describes the place where we live, were born or were raised.  Home is the place we embrace as our natural environment; a place where we feel comfort and emotional connection.  In Home Grown, an exhibition of art from the Clay Center’s collection, the influence of family and friends, experiences and memories can be seen in visual tributes to home. Artists such as Paula Clendenin, James Gibson, David Riffle, Ellie Schaul, Anne Shreve and Barry Vance have produced work that expresses a sense of place and a personal connection to the people, events, and the landscape of West Virginia.

Creative Space: Highlights from the Collection

This exhibition features over 40 works of art from the Clay Center’s collection. Divided into four sections, “Abstraction”, “The Figure”, “Landscape” and “Pop Art”, Creative Space presents artwork that demonstrates methods for artistic interpretation of these themes. Artists featured in the exhibition include: Lesley Dill, Helen Frankenthaler, Martin Johnson Heade, Roy Lichtenstein, Martin Puryear, Lee Savage, Grace Martin Taylor, Andy Warhol and Frederick Waugh.