School Programs

STEAM Workshops (1 Hour)
Only Available to groups under 60 Students

Shadow Play!
Grades K – 2
Sit down for this great workshop based around the book: “My Shadow.” We will explore light and color through shadow puppets, mirrors, and colored lenses!

Soundwave Engineering
Grades 1 – 5
The unseen world of sound is full of surprises and this workshop will help you visualize what a soundwave looks like and how it travels. Build your own drum, stringed instrument, and a funny device called a “Vocal Visualizer.”

Grades 4 – 6
There’s no better way to discuss Light Waves and Chemistry than through Photography. See chemicals combine to form photographic film and make your own light-reactive print!

Science Alive Demo (30 minutes)
Show limit: 300 students

Big Wave Demo
Grades K – 8
Hang on tight for this big science demonstration! We demystify the unseen world of waves and finally answer, “Why is the sky blue?!”