Power Your Future

Power Your Future is an innovative mobile exhibit that educates students and communities across West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio on the science behind the gas industry.  A special thank you to the support of the Energy Corporation of America Foundation and the EQT Foundation for making Power Your Future available to students.

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This unique exhibition on wheels uses interactive games and activities to take visitors on a journey through the exploration and extraction of natural gas, the engineering and technology of processing it, and the many uses of this important natural resource.

Put your skills to the test in an interactive game show, create a musical composition of seismic sounds, reclaim the land and return it to its natural beauty after drilling is completed – these are just a few of the interactive experiences which test critical and logical thinking skills, teambuilding and more as guests participate in:

  • Racing to separate natural gas into some of its individual components
  • Transforming a completed well site through land reclamation
  • Working as a team to “troubleshoot” potential problems

Each student’s visit ends with a short video clip of his or her future career in the gas industry, created with data collected in the experience. These short animations allow guests to “power their future” as they see themselves taking on a variety of roles which could include anything from a well supervisor to a drilling engineer to a community relations specialist!

Teachers can use this data-collection feature to determine what their students have learned, and what messages need reinforced in the classroom.

“Power Your Future” was funded by an initial challenge grant from the Energy Corporation of America Foundation and later matched by the EQT Foundation. Additional funding from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, Hearst Foundation and the West Virginia Commission on the Arts was secured for supporting educational programming built around the exhibit.

Be part of this exciting new experience by sponsoring visits to your partner schools or communities! Contact Nicole Koenig, Corporate Relations Manager, nkoenig@theclaycenter.org, 304-561-3532.

Ready to power your students’ futures?  Schedule a mobile exhibit visit for your school today!  Call 304-561-3567 for pricing and availability. 


Energy Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to provide a general overview of various energy resources and forms as well as connecting educators to other online educational resources.

Renewable Energy

Explore energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.


Non-renewable Energy

Explore energy that cannot be replenished on a human timescale (in a short period of time).

Natural Gas

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