A great lineup of exciting education performances is coming your way - there’s always something for every grade.  

October 12 – Mr. Molecule (Elementary/Middle)
Description: When Mr. Molecule unleashes the power and excitement of science – Bing! Bang! Boom! – he creates an explosion of learning that K-8 kids can’t resist! Students are astonished to see the fantastic 12-foot tall Foam Monster, the impossible Balloons in Orbit and the hysterically funny Bernoulli TP Challenge, all based on essential science principles. Mr. Molecule’s totally awesome Bing, Bang, Boom Science Show is a whole new way for kids to discover science and experience the joy of learning!
Show Times: 9:30am
Run Time: 50 minutes
Curriculum Guide: http://www.greatshowsforkids.com/study-guides/

October 21 – Romeo and Juliet (High School) | American Shakespeare Theater Center
Description: With its ravishing language and uproarious comedy, Romeo and Juliet celebrates love’s triumph and its trivialities. Verona’s walls embrace the volatility of youth as well as the wisdom and restraint that often escape young and old alike. Thumb-biting, dance, and swordplay share the stage with sonnets, bawdy wit, and soul-searching speeches in this profoundly human and always surprising treasure.

Show Times: 9:30am
Run Time: Approximately 90 minutes
Curriculum Guide: http://americanshakespearecenter.indigofiles.com/Romeo_and_Juliet.pdf
November 29 – Twas the Night Before Christmas (Elementary)  | Virginia Reparatory Theater
Description: At turns heartwarming and hilarious, this charming Christmas musical is complete with a jolly Santa, reindeer on the roof, moonlight on the snow, Ma and Pa in their caps, and sugarplums dancing in the dreams of hopeful children. Our careworn poet, Clement Moore is struggling to write a Christmas poem. Clement, uninspired until his eyes and heart are opened by the loving, joyous images all about him in his own home and family, begins writing his immortal poem with these words, “’Twas the night before Christmas.” His poem is a delight to his family and too many generations of families who can’t imagine Christmas without “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”
Show Times: 9:30am
Run Time: 55 minutes
Curriculum Guide: http://va-rep.org/tour/guides/twas.pdf

February 14 – MLK: I Have a Dream (Elementary/Middle)  | Virginia Reparatory Theater
Description: The phenomenal impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is chronicled in this compelling dramatization of the life and times of one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of the American Century. Inspired by the arrest of Rosa Parks, Dr. King puts his philosophy of nonviolent protest to work. He gains recognition and becomes the dominant force in the Civil Rights Movement during its decade of greatest achievement.
Show Times: 9:30am
Run Time: 60 minutes
Curriculum Guide: http://va-rep.org/tour/guides/I%20Have%20a%20Dream%20-%20Study%20Guide.pdf

April 13 – Charlotte’s Web (Elementary)  | Theater Works
Description: Based on the bestselling book by E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web tells the story of a rambunctious pig named Wilbur who is desperately trying to avoid the butcher and a friendly spider named Charlotte who uses her web and creative thinking to save him from slaughter. This funny and heartfelt classic will excite young readers as they watch a familiar story come alive on stage and teach them that sometimes it’s the most unlikely friends that prove to be the best.
Show Times: 10:30am
Run Time:  Approximately 60 minutes

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