Outdoor Sculpture

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Check out the Clay Center’s outdoor sculpture while on your visit. Use this page for some classroom fun while students explore, creating 3-dimensional artwork of their own.

Click here for detailed information on Clay Center outdoor sculptures.

Classroom Challenge:

K-2nd grade – Introduction to 3-D artwork
Have students cut out various lines (or strips) using colored construction paper. The lines can be straight, zigzag, wavy, or whatever their imaginations invent. This activity allows for learning how to use scissors, so width of strips or straightness of lines really doesn’t matter. After they have cut out 6-7 construction paper lines, have them place down one end of a line to the black base and tape or glue it down. They will tape the other end of the line to the black base as well, but the middle of the line needs to be up off of the black base so it looks 3-dimensional. Students can overlap, twist, curl or fold the lines before gluing down the ends. See the related resource link below for example pictures of this activity.

3 – 12th grade – Paley inspired creations
Collect found objects from around the school (e.g. plastic utensils, bottles, cans, straws, old pencils/pens, paperclips, used paper, paper towel tubes, etc.).  Use the found objects along with tape or glue and scissors to create a small-scale abstract, asymmetrical sculpture inspired by the work of Albert Paley.
  • Can the structure stand on its own (with the help of tape or fastened to a base)
  • Can it withstand water (sprinkle it with a watering can)? 
  • Can it withstand wind (test it with a fan)?  
  • If you were to take this same design and make it into an outdoor sculpture, what material(s) would you use?  

Resource Links:

http://modernsculpture.com/bronze.htm > lost wax process
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