Kidspace Curriculum

Climb in the tree house, “swim” in the ball pond and learn in this imaginative indoor play yard exclusively for children 5 and younger and a grown-up.

Concepts: cause and effect, sense of sound, touch and sight, problem solving, balance and coordination, physical play

Clay Center Challenge

1. Across from the ball pond there are flowers that blow out air. Place a ball in the air stream and try to get the ball to float.

2. In the ball pond there is a wall of flowers. Place a ball in one of the flowers and watch it pop out of another flower. Do this a few times and then try to predict the flower from which the ball will pop.

Classroom Challenge

Have students lean their heads back and blow on a piece of paper (tissue paper works best). While they are blowing have them let go of the paper and try to make it float.

Play “Eye Spy” in the classroom using the senses of sight and sound. Have students take turns spying various objects, colors, shapes and sounds around the classroom or even on an outdoor walk around the playground.

Resources Links

WV 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives

Click here for Kidspace WV 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives
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