Health Royale Curriculum

Health science comes alive in this fun, interactive gallery with hands-on exhibits exploring healthy eating, reaction time, x-rays and bones and more. You and your students will also be able to take part in our fun-filled X/O Game Show with a wacky group of animatronic characters. With settings from “EASY” to “DIFFICULT,” this game show is a great place for all grade levels to explore health science.

Concepts: healthy lifestyles, wellness, x-ray technology, body systems, health, nutrition

Clay Center Challenge

1. Work with your class to plan a healthy day of eating. Using the “Yodeler” exhibit, have students take turns as they select the healthiest choices for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. You win if you keep the yodeler from falling off his mountain.

2. Make the X/O Game Show the site of a class challenge. Have students sit in the stands and divide into two teams. Each team can select a representative (or a few) to answer the questions for the group based on a majority response. Select the difficulty level based on grade appropriateness for your class and enjoy the game. Who will be the first team to get Tic Tac Toe?

Classroom Challenge

Grades K - 12
Host a guest speaker from the medical field in your classroom. For younger students, a general practitioner or even a veterinarian make great guests. This can also help to assuage youngsters’ fears of medical professionals. For older groups, a more specialized doctor or nurse would be more appropriate. For an added challenge, have your students research various areas of the medical field (vascular medicine, ophthalmology, etc.) and then work as a group to select a field for their speaker.

Grades K - 5
Use the food pyramid and your students’ Yodeler experience to plan a day of healthy meals. Younger students can work the angle of “eating a rainbow” with lots of variety of veggies and fruits, while older students can focus on the value of nutrients and their benefit to body systems.

Grades 6 - 12
Have students bring in labels from various food products and research ingredients found in the label listing. Were they surprised by any of the ingredients? To complete the challenge, have students research some of these ingredients and identify other products in which they are used. Students could also take it another step and compare organic foods to processed/store-purchased foods. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

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WV 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives

Click here for Health Royale WV 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives

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